Academic Continuation During COVID-19

As we all enter these unprecedented times surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak and worldwide pandemic, many of us are now working from home and not attending our usual activities like going to the gym, out to dinner, etc. This process becomes even more apparent as many schools are not returning to classroom learning for the remainder of this school year, and are instead using remote learning opportunities.
Because we are aware:

  • How incredibly challenging this situation is for the teachers and administrators attempting to set up their classrooms online while still maintaining the quality of education they have always provided to their students.
  • How mind-boggling the entire process of online education from home is for parents who did not anticipate educating their children, and have worked in every occupation outside the field of education.
  • How chaotic this all is for the students that both parents and teachers are attempting to serve
  • How overwhelming this entire situation is for all of us as we are experiencing new and shocking lifestyle choices and decisions daily, with nothing to follow as the paramount choice.

In light of all this Cervelle Academic Consulting & Tutoring would like to offer our help to assist parents and students in this new chapter of their academic careers!

In an effort to provide community support during these unprecedented times there will be NO CHARGE for our “Quick Question” Concierge Service online support!!

Our Concierge Services are used by students (and now parents as well) to ask a quick “how-to” question, or for a quick explanation on various subjects and tasks. We have offered this service to our clients for years but in light of the current crisis, Brenda will be offering online support to ANY student or parent in need of assistance through our concierge service at absolutely NO CHARGE!

However, we will also offer paid individualized tutoring sessions on a daily or weekly basis if folks are interested and need that sort of support as well.

We can be reached online via messenger on our Facebook page, or via email at or Once we get to know you and answer your question we can also provide you with a phone number to call or text for future questions. We are also in the process of setting up Facebook Appointments for those who may need to ask a question and only have availability at specific times. We are all doing what we can to bond together and make it through this difficult and trying time.

Cervelle Academic Consulting & Tutoring

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