Creative thinking projects are a fun and entertaining way to build neural connections and increase cognitive ability. These two things combined can help people love learning and can increase the magnitude of problem-solving ability, which in turn helps build academic achievement and success!!

Throughout the past few weeks, all of our clients have been meeting with me via Zoom meetings. While I am so thankful for this technology, it has placed one issue right in front of me like a roadblock. How am I going to ignite their brains on here? How will I get their brains warmed up and ready to learn without it feeling like an assignment or worksheet? When I meet with clients face to face, we always include some sort of brain strategy concept, whether it’s a conversation, a game, a puzzle or a brain challenging riddle we always do a brain workout before we begin, and sometimes we return to these concepts at the end of our sessions. So, I’ve been working and researching anything I can find to make these brain workouts still continue while meeting online. The result has been a really great time with my students, and a great opportunity to explore many varieties of critical thinking curriculums.

I have enjoyed this concept so much, and my students have all loved the program so much they ask for more on a daily basis!! I’m thrilled to see their love of learning still going strong during these trying times. So, I’ve decided to offer critical thinking as an individualized online program for folks throughout the summer session. I still work diligently to individualize each student’s curriculum, and I will continue to do so, but this fun and entertaining way of learning and challenging their brains has fast become a proven effective way to engage clients of all ages. I have students as young as 4 who are working on developing their problem solving and creative thinking skills and students who are in college programs who are fine-tuning their own skill base to become more successful in their advanced classes. I am so excited about this because I believe fun and learning should be the same thing, not a choice we have to make!!


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