Well, I finally have taken the time to jot a note down. It’s been a couple of weeks, and when I looked at my “to-do list” and saw the necessary blog writing topic scheduled on it. I have to admit, I decided that it was more important for me to go outside and work in my garden, plant my flowers, and enjoy the newest parts of what is my favorite seasonal change. I don’t know if this is just a “me thing” or if everyone feels this way, but I always feel like the bright sunshiny days of late May and early June are a time of renewal and a great time to set new goals. In fact, I think if I were given the opportunity to do my “New Year’s Resolutions in June that I would be far more successful with them. However, I probably would have written a resolution to write a blog on a weekly basis and obviously would have failed miserably on that task immediately!

I have always identified myself as 100% solar powered. I have a lot more energy when the sun is shining than I do when it is cold and grey. I know many people thrive during the rainy season and are quite content with the idea of spring rain showers. I applaud them for that, and I understand what they mean by the feeling of peace and well being surrounding them on those rainy afternoons. However, for me, a rainy day is often a day spent being lethargic and snuggled in under a blanket with a good book! While that’s just a fine way to spend an afternoon or two, it tends to become problematic if we have a rain system pass through with cooler weather and rain showers that last more than a day or two. Basically – I love the sun!!! My entire mind wakes up when there is a lot of sunlight shining into the windows in the early morning. I feel renewed and energized and am always ready to face the next day’s adventures when the sun is shining. I feel like all is right in the world when the sun is shining and birds are singing, like on a bright May morning.

I know that we are all in a unique situation this year, and there are a lot of unknowns, but I think one of the best and most practical things we can all do to help adjust our mindset during this uncertain time is to simply go outside and appreciate the sunshine! I’ve been doing a lot of that recently in regard to the pandemic and its effects on my company and life. I’ve been trying to see the positives and appreciate them for what they are. I have been able to connect with most of my clients via the internet and have been able to adapt my schedule to accommodate their daily needs at the end of their school years. I have had a lot more free time to enjoy the sunshine while walking because my drive time is non-existent over the past few weeks. I have a lot of things that I can celebrate and while it seems a bit cliche to suggest this idea to others, I want to be sure to clarify one thing. I am one of those people who overthinks EVERYTHING. I am a worrier and a panicker and if there’s nothing to worry about, I begin to panic. It’s a vicious cycle. So, I’ve been spending time noticing the positives in all aspects of my life. Even in horrible situations, or in dealing with a less than pleasant person, I’ve tried to take a step back and see things a bit differently. It doesn’t always work, but it has helped me recognize a rare glimpse of positives in many situations that would generally be seen as terrible.

My only suggestion in this week’s blog is to go outside, enjoy the sunshine, take notice of something that you see every day, and recognize its positive purpose in the world. I don’t care if it is an old ratty looking chair sitting by your neighbor’s dumpster. I want to challenge you to see the positive. Rather than seeing that chair as an eyesore see it as a celebration for someone – maybe they got new furniture and were able to replace the chair. Or celebrate the fact that because we have chairs that need to be taken to the garbage dump someone is guaranteed a job, or if it’s too hard to see the positives for someone else, celebrate that you aren’t considering grabbing that chair because you are in need of furniture, or maybe you are and then you can celebrate that a much-needed chair is now readily available to you. See those things as positive turning points, not disasters. I think it’s a small way to work on changing our brain and developing a perception of positives. GOOD LUCK.

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