Here is what I know….

The media is the most powerful entity on earth.

They have the power to make the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty by adding or subtracting an adjective to describe that person. That is power.

They literally control the minds of the masses.

Then the masses deem themselves “experts” in every aspect of that one adjective the media put into their vocabulary without truly researching the word or the truth.

They take the phrasing and sprinkle it on top of their already one-sided views, confirming their “facts” by using the media outlet of their choice as gospel.

I don’t blame politicians, teachers, or religious leaders for this country that is fraught with hatred. I blame the sensational media outlets who will do anything to be “the source” for the general public.

I learned today (while researching multiple sources to confirm my information) that this idea has been stated very eloquently back in 1980 by Russian born American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University- Isaac Asimov. I posted the quote below.

End rant.

p.s. if you are still unsure who Isaac Asimov is – he is the author of the book iRobot and about 500 other books. Look him up.

#blacklivesmatter and remember that all lives can’t matter until they all actually have value.

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