Due to the changes within many school districts across the country, we have recognized that many families are considering keeping their students at home, at least half time, in an effort to help continue to flatten the curve and provide safety for their families. Regardless of a family’s reasons for opting to educate their students at home, we want to be able to be a resource for whatever is needed for each of our individual students. This has prompted us to get more detailed in our options for families in the Fall 2020 Semester.

We currently use Zoom for face to face meetings with students, and we also utilize an interactive whiteboard for each student so that we can work together in real-time even when meeting online. It has taken us a few weeks to develop this program, but it seems to be very effective and works exceptionally well with students of all ages.

Our variety of homeschool formats and options are listed below – in detail – at the end of this document there is also a summary of each option and within it the ability to flex and build it specifically to your student’s needs and desires. However, in an effort to answer any and all questions, here it is in detail:

  • Format Options –
    • I prefer to see my homeschool students daily – even for a brief amount of time – to ensure that they are understanding their work, and to offer support and explanation as needed.
    • OPTION 1 – ideal for all ages – PreK – college level
      • Preferred daily online with student
      • Guaranteed 4 days for 30 minutes a day
      • 30-minute sessions Monday-Thursday
      • If I am creating and preparing a curriculum – 1 meeting a month with parents is suggested as well.
    • OPTION 2 – ideal for all ages – parent involvement in our weekly sessions are optional, but not required.
      • Guaranteed In-person meeting with students 1x per week
      • This session would be a 90-minute session so we can go over items from the previous week that were confusing, as well as set them up for independent academic success for the following week.
        Parent meeting weekly – with a printed version of the week’s curriculum and a quick answer guide.
    • OPTION 3 – upper elementary – college level
      • Designed for independent middle and high school level students who are independently motivated and are able to manage their schedules on their own.
      • Meeting 2x per week online for 20-30 minutes
      • These students would have access to Brenda in a program similar to our Concierge service so if they have random questions they can have their needs met that way.
      • Parent meetings are optional for this program design
    • OPTION 4 – all ages
      • Combination of Options 1 and 2
      • Most of the time the student would meet with me online, but if needed an in-person meeting can be arranged.
      • Pricing for the North Platte office will be different than pricing for Brenda to travel to the student.
  • Curriculum Design Options
    • Individual Program Development (IPD) – Brenda meets with student and parent and writes a curriculum specific to the student’s needs and interests while still providing the core curriculum necessary for successful re-entry into the public or private school systems.
    • Core Curriculum – this curriculum design will effectively meet all necessary requirements for the student’s grade level, there will be limited additional work, and will be designed to enhance the student’s own learning styles. (more books for readers, more tactile assignments for hands-on learning, etc).
    • Ace Curriculum – this curriculum will focus on more than just core skills, and will be focused on Critical Thinking/Problem Solving/Advanced Learning Skills allowing each student to develop the parts of their cognitive ability that need extra help as well as enhancing their already high-level skills.
    • BuildingThinking Skills – this program is specific for early learners (ages 3-7) Our focus is to help them develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills while working on fun and exciting lessons that don’t feel like school work at all! This has been a very effective method for us in the past and we have spent the first half of 2020 developing this program.
  • Pre-Designed Curriculum Assistance – this is for families who opt to use a curriculum that is predesigned (Khan Academy, IXL Learning, UNL High School, etc). If that option is chosen we are happy to assist and will just need access to your program to help format the curriculum and to be well prepared to teach your student how to do the work before the assignment is given

Our regular tutoring options continue to be available both in person as well as online options are now always available.

  • One on One Tutoring and Academic Success Options
    • The semester will be from September 1-December 11
  • Tutoring Format Options –
    • Face to Face Tutoring
      • In-Person- 45 min sessions – this is the old tried and true. If your students have seen us in the past this is the method they used. It is a face to face meeting in our offices for 45 minutes, generally 1 to 2x per week for a student.
    • Online Tutoring via Zoom
      • Online sessions lasting 30 minutes – we can meet 2 or 4 times a week
  • Concierge – Quick Homework Questions and Editing and Proofreading
      • Our concierge service is a way for older students who have homework questions on days when they don’t have tutoring, or just randomly need assistance can reach out and receive a quick assist and lesson on any topic. Including editing and proofreading essays and any math or science assistance, we can provide.
      • Online access via Zoom, text, or phone – available for all of our students, but this provides a great way for parents or students to get a quick assist for homework support.

Please contact us at the office at 308-221-6647 or via email at with any questions you may have or to register your student(s) for the fall semester.

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