The Silver Lining….

I hope that this finds you doing well and staying healthy! WOW, has 2020 been a year for the record books!! But even though the year has been full of so much chaos and change it did allow me to learn how to serve and help my students in an even more effective manner, even if they don’t live nearby, or have gone away to college!!

The silver lining to this whole COVID pandemic has been the opportunity for me to learn how to better serve students around the country via the internet and how to provide effective ways for them to utilize me as a tutor and a sounding board for their homework, projects and papers, as well as having someone available to help them prep and study for quizzes and exams.

Since this has been so effective for so many of my students who were learning remotely last semester, I have devised a variety of tutoring options for clients for the 2020-2021 school year. We will continue with weekly tutoring sessions for students, but will now have both in person and online options, as well as a combination of both as needed. Even without COVID in the picture, this option will be great for those Nebraska blizzard days!!

I am also offering a more unique approach for students where they can meet with me briefly each day to do quick homework checks or to go over a chapter review etc. These sessions are set up in either 15 or 30-minute meetings daily, are usually done via an online meeting so it saves everyone time, and will also provide instantaneous support for students with nightly homework. The really great part of this program is that if the session is not needed because the student is doing well through a particular unit of study or there is no homework, then all that has to happen is a quick call or text and we simply bank the missed session for use at a later time when there is more of a struggle with a concept or homework assignment. I am really excited about this option because it truly gives me the opportunity to assist on a day to day basis while the student is working through a tough bit of information in a subject. It gives me a chance to do the part of my job that I truly love most!!

I have also added a feature for parents who are trying to do the best thing for their children and are weighing out the options of homeschooling, remote learning, and in person classes. I set these up individually and also have Q&A sessions online where people can talk and ask any questions they may have.

We are doing a special promotion for students this fall because we know that even with the variety of options we have that there are students who have a unique program design or request, and so we will happily build a program to meet each individual family’s needs. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see if there is a way we can be of benefit to you during these extremely uncertain times. We have multiple Back to School specials going on, including a chance for current or previous clients to refer other students to us. We are always willing to work with students within the same family on a shared plan, and we are so grateful for our previous clients who refer others to us!!

I hope we can help you get set up in the new school year, and we are able to work together to get to the other side of the chaos that will be 2020’s mark in the history books!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I cannot wait to hear from you! Have a GREAT school year!!!


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