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A Tutor at Your Fingertips- Cervelle’s Concierge Service

I love to travel! It’s one of the great joys of my life. One of the best parts of staying in a hotel in a new city is the ability to find out about new and exciting places AND be able to schedule a time to experience them via the hotel’s concierge desk. The idea


Secrets to ACT Test Preparations and a note for Concerned Parents

Every so often I get a call or email from a parent who is concerned about my method of preparing for standardized tests like the ACT. Basically, the parent is worried that approaching the test the way I recommend somehow corrupts the purpose of the test as a learning experience for the student. Please allow


Not Everyone Needs A Full-Time Tutor

Not Everyone Needs a Full-Time Tutor The school year is rolling once again! I hope that you are all feeling confident and strong in the knowledge that even though the end of the last school year was a bit challenging, each of you successfully maneuvered through the requirements and either as a student or a


Silver Linings During A Pandemic

The Silver Lining…. I hope that this finds you doing well and staying healthy! WOW, has 2020 been a year for the record books!! But even though the year has been full of so much chaos and change it did allow me to learn how to serve and help my students in an even more


Fall 2020 Options and Formats

HOMESCHOOL OPTIONS Due to the changes within many school districts across the country, we have recognized that many families are considering keeping their students at home, at least half time, in an effort to help continue to flatten the curve and provide safety for their families. Regardless of a family’s reasons for opting to educate


Here is what I know

Here is what I know…. The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty by adding or subtracting an adjective to describe that person. That is power. They literally control the minds of the masses. Then the masses deem themselves “experts” in


Sunshine and Perceptions

Well, I finally have taken the time to jot a note down. It’s been a couple of weeks, and when I looked at my “to-do list” and saw the necessary blog writing topic scheduled on it. I have to admit, I decided that it was more important for me to go outside and work in

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Creative Thinking

      Creative thinking projects are a fun and entertaining way to build neural connections and increase cognitive ability. These two things combined can help people love learning and can increase the magnitude of problem-solving ability, which in turn helps build academic achievement and success!! Throughout the past few weeks, all of our clients


Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams In light of recent worldwide events, and how their effect is grabbing hold of all of us and disrupting life as we know it, I think it is really relevant for me to try and describe a lesson that has been so hard for me to wrap my brain around throughout the


Celebrating the Little Things

I keep hearing how we are in unprecedented times, and that we have not experienced anything like this before, and that statement is true – for us. However, so many of our grandparents and great-grandparents and beyond have gone through worldwide pandemics and know what is waiting for us all on the other side. A