Hello and welcome to our first attempt at a monthly newsletter for Cervelle Academic Consulting & Tutoring. This is a preliminary newsletter because our goal is to begin our actual newsletter in January 2021, so we opted to do a couple practice ones in November and December to get into the groove and develop a plan!

We have so many things happening that we decided to put them all together and let you know about the exciting events we have happening this way!

October’s new clients:

Welcome to Jett, Jobeth, Abby, and Mikayla – thank you for joining the Cervelle family!!


We began using a new program for scheduling and billing, so you will now begin to receive a text message reminder about your appointment 2 hours prior to your scheduled time. This is great, but even more exciting is that you are able to reply directly to us using that text message to let us know of any changes or if you need to reschedule!! We hope you find this as useful as we have. The other AMAZING thing this program provides is a text that provides a link to your monthly invoices directly to your phone! I know this is a quick and convenient way to take care of payments, and we hope you like it as much as we do!

We continue to offer both in-person and zoom sessions, and we will continue to be as flexible as we can be to help provide as much assistance as we can to you all. Brenda LOVES to be that resource for her clients, and wants to be sure you know that your recommendations to friends and family mean more to her than you can imagine. If you personally refer a person to us, we want you to tell them to tell us that you referred them, or to use the code #newclientby and we will give both of you a $50 discount that month on your bills. It is our greatest joy to know that our clients appreciate us enough to refer their friends and family to us, so we definitely want to say THANK YOU to you for the help!

Calendar of Events:

November –

6-7 – MARUCH RLC Conference at UNK

5-10-17 Brady Public School Seniors ACT Prep Classes

23-27 Thanksgiving Break

December –

1-8-10 Brady Public School Seniors ACT Prep Classes

11 – Last scheduled day of Cervelle Fall Semester

12- ACT Test

14-18 – Emergency tutoring or make up sessions

19th-January 10 – Christmas Break


Here are the links to the October blogs that Brenda published:

Critical Thinking Part 1

Critical Thinking- Part 2

October’s blogs focused primarily on the concept of critical thinking and problem solving. This is a fun way to help students find their own solutions to various problems. As the blogs demonstrate there are many ways we can help develop how our brains process information in terms of critical thought and problem solving skills. I think this is a great time to really talk about problem solving and critical thinking because we are quickly entering the holiday season!! Presents will soon be wrapped and placed under the tree, and this is the PRIME opportunity many curious little people have to develop those critical thinking and problem solving skills. The time and energy they spend trying to figure out what a gift might be, or how to move it, shake it, etc without anyone noticing is again a mischievous but creative thought pattern that can help develop a curiosity that will be a jumping off spot for critical thinking development over the course of their lifetime. Please stay tuned for more opportunity and ideas for ways to continue to develop and grow in these skills!!






Our escape rooms were designed to help our students develop their critical thinking skills.







Get a team of 4-8 friends or family members together to try and beat the room.








Have you planned your holiday party yet? The Vault has many options available of your family or work parties. Contact us today to get on the schedule.

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