How Cervelle Began – Part 1

Over a decade ago, I started my own company in my house, just seeing some tutoring students while I was homeschooling my youngest child. Honestly, tutoring was just something to do on the side and I really enjoyed it. 

This makes for a great ‘here’s how we began’ story, but the interesting part of this began a long time ago. We need to go back a few years, because when I was much younger than I am now I began to recognize that I had an unusually intense desire for learning.

I loved to learn and I did it well! When I was young, I would “play school” with my dolls, and cats and dogs, and eventually I even forced my little sisters to play along with me as well. I was the child who spent an entire summer afternoon alphabetizing my bookshelf, followed by making library card files for each book, and even going so far as to categorize my books by theme or topic. I was the kid who got excited the first time I had homework to bring home, and would sometimes wait to do my work just so I could bring a book home from school. 

So, when I graduated high school I really believed that a career in education and academics was where I needed to be. I began taking classes in education, got bored, decided to play house, got married, had a baby, got divorced, and eventually met and married my husband and blended our families together. With four young children to take care of, our lives became encompassed in the world of bills, responsibilities, and everything that entails.

We slowly recognized that we were never going to get on top of things in our situation, and we made the drastic decision (you will soon learn that drastic decisions are sort of a “thing” for us) to both quit our jobs, return to college full time, and work part time!!

We returned to college in our 30s, and at that time I decided that I was going to major in psychology, because even though it had been over a decade, the taste of those education classes was still fresh enough to remind me that was NOT the major I wanted to seek. So, as a young mother, returning to school to better the future for her children, I decided that I was going to major in psychology. It seemed like an interesting topic and one that would provide me with ample opportunity.

To be continued…

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