How Cervelle Began – Part 3

I’ve spent the last few years building my company by helping people realize there’s nothing wrong with them if they’re interested in something that’s different from what everybody else in their family is interested in. I’ve done that by recognition and realization that my own first love was education and learning, and my second was how the human brain works in each individual. Because of those two things, it seemed only natural for my company name to become Cervelle because the word means brain in French, and I think that’s a beautiful thing.

It’s an easy way to start a conversation that will help people think about what we do. If you notice our logo, we made it a brain because there are no 2 human brains that are the same and that’s what we spend all of our days teaching and talking about. When I first began tutoring, I began to realize that no two students learn the same way. They may have the same directional bulb, but they both get there by processing it individually, and I just love that!! Even though we are all the human species and the biology part of me knows that we are all similar, our brains guarantee that we are all very very unique people who notice and grow differently. My company was created to help people not only recognize that they need to recognize those differences, but they also need to be able to advocate for themselves and know what they need to do to get the most out of each part of their life. That can sometimes start by me helping them in the subject they are having difficulty with, but it ultimately ends with us talking and me helping them find their own path and working through it and trying to find their way.

My favorite line for this is: “remember, if you are out walking in a place you’ve never been before and you see a path, you need to realize that it is NOT YOUR PATH because you’ve never been here before, and while it might be a great directional map for finding a way through the wilderness, it could also be a path that leads to something bad. You don’t ever have to follow someone else’s path. We can enjoy the potential of forging our own. So, I hope you enjoy the blog and I hope that it is useful information that we share. I wanted  to try to give you a little background on how the company came to be, and the significance of our name choice.

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