A Tutor at Your Fingertips – Cervelle’s Concierge Service

hotel staffI love to travel! It’s one of the great joys of my life. One of the best parts of staying in a hotel in a new city is the ability to find out about new and exciting places AND be able to schedule a time to experience them via the hotel’s concierge desk. The idea of a person who knows the city well, and is so well connected with various restaurants and other venues through their position with the hotel, that they can secure us a spot in a popular restaurant that we maybe haven’t ever heard of is one of the hidden pleasures of travel in my opinion. Because of the ability to call the concierge desk and within moments have our questions about the evening’s plan solved with an immediate dinner reservation or tickets to a show – I decided that the same simplistic measures could be added to my services for my own clients.

You see, when I started seeing students about a decade ago, I had a pretty tidy little system. The student would come to see me one or two times per week for about an hour and that was it! That worked well until I started having more and more middle and high school level clients. When that happened, they often needed homework help on nights when they weren’t scheduled to see me, and would often send me a quick text or photo and ask a question. From that homework panic, our Concierge Service was born!! I realized that oftentimes a weekly meeting is necessary initially to help a student gain confidence and understanding, but then it becomes necessary for a student to function independently and just use my services as a confidence booster to confirm they understand the work from another day’s assignment.

My hope is that this service provides them the answers and peace of mind in their homework questions, that knowing we have a new city at our fingertips through the hotel’s concierge service does for us. We have altered the various concepts and made things more specific so that students can now send me a text and request a quick edit of an essay, or help with building a study guide for an exam via the concierge services. I love this concept, because it allows me to serve my clients when they need my help and reassurance the most.

Contact me today to get signed up for this service, or for more information. You can reach me via email at [email protected] or by phone at 308-221-6647.

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