Cervelle Sunday’s

Stereotypes- Unconscious Bias

Sometimes our open mindedness is still steeped in stereotypes!! Thanks for returning one more time for more of our discussion about recognizing the filters we often see the world through, and how even with the best of intentions we are sometimes restricted by our environment. (See the previous blog here to understand what I am

The Road to Self-Realization- Open Minded

Continuing down the road to self-realization – grab a piece of paper and join in Thanks for returning for part two of this blog series about recognizing how our different mindsets can sometimes occur, oftentimes because of our own environmental experiences. If you recall last week I had challenged everyone to think about their childhood

Recognizing our Differences

Have you noticed that lately the people you follow on social media, the people we see on TV, our leaders, and even our friends, family and neighbors are all shrieking about how WRONG anyone is who doesn’t agree with them on things? We are living in tumultuous times for sure, and everyone is certain they

November 2020 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our first attempt at a monthly newsletter for Cervelle Academic Consulting & Tutoring. This is a preliminary newsletter because our goal is to begin our actual newsletter in January 2021, so we opted to do a couple practice ones in November and December to get into the groove and develop a

Critical Thinking- Part 2

Critical Thinking – Part 2 I hope today finds you all with the ability to reflect over the past week and recognize some “lightbulb moments” in your family’s life this week. It’s fun to look back and realize how in a tough situation the ability to formulate a decision was done and then to recognize

Critical Thinking Part 1

One of the best parts of my job is watching the infamous “lightbulb” come on for a student in a subject or concept they have been struggling to truly understand. I love that moment more than just about any other part of my work, but in a close second place is the moments following that

Sometimes parents just don’t understand…

Sometimes parents just don’t understand…. Parents: I am sure this isn’t news to you, but being a student in today’s world is substantially different from the one we grew up in!! The ways we prepared for each new academic chapter during our adolescence are not as practical today as they were then. I often find

Senior Checklist

~ Hey 2021 Seniors ~ It’s time to start talking about your checklist for college. Even in the mess of the year of COVID-19 and all the other turmoil 2020 has brought to the world, you’ve started your senior year – whether in person or online – and it’s already time to start thinking about

A Tutor at Your Fingertips- Cervelle’s Concierge Service

I love to travel! It’s one of the great joys of my life. One of the best parts of staying in a hotel in a new city is the ability to find out about new and exciting places AND be able to schedule a time to experience them via the hotel’s concierge desk. The idea

Secrets to ACT Test Preparations and a note for Concerned Parents

Every so often I get a call or email from a parent who is concerned about my method of preparing for standardized tests like the ACT. Basically, the parent is worried that approaching the test the way I recommend somehow corrupts the purpose of the test as a learning experience for the student. Please allow