Summer Workshops


Beginning Wednesday, June 2nd, we will be offering fun, interactive and educational workshops for grades K & up (see the schedule below). Each workshop is limited to 8 participants, and is $12/child (unless otherwise noted).

SAVE with Early Bird and Multiple Registrations!! Reserve your spot early and save $2/child. Register for 3 or more workshops and get each for only $8. Plus, get a discount when you register 2 or more children for the same workshop!

Registration for all workshops will end at 2:00pm on the Tuesday before the workshop, unless noted “Walk-ins welcome”.

June 2

   1:00-2:30 Escape to Summer – Escape Room Challenge*
Critical thinking is key for conquering an escape room, and we want to give students the opportunity to put their thinking caps on, jump in, and enjoy an afternoon of escape rooms!
Pizza will be served after the challenge. Sign-in begins at 12:30 p.m. Walk-ins welcome.
~Lost Mummy (grades 2-6)
~Zombie Pizza Attack (grades 5 & up)

June 9

   10:30-12:00 Space Quest – Take a Moon Vacation
This class will explore the wonders of math and science as it applies to astronomy and giant numbers, and will take us to the moon and beyond! Using our knowledge of the speed of light, we will see how long it takes for a star’s light to reach us here on earth!
grades 3-8

June 16

   10:30-12:00 Messy Monster Math
Math is ALWAYS more fun when it’s messy! We will do our best to make a mess and learn from it!!
grades K-2
   1:00-2:30 Broken Numbers & The Secret Codes of Math
This class will turn words into the math language of algebra. We will learn to translate fractions and real world problems using the secret codes of math. When provided with the opportunity to work with those problem areas in math and develop their own code of understanding.
grades 3-5

June 23

   1:00-3:30 The Pursuit of Summer (with a Compass & a Map)
Calling all explorers!! This workshop is going to be full of adventures – from learning how to read a map and compass to exploration using coordinate locations, this workshop will teach students how to be the best tracker and explorer they can be!!
Class session will be followed by a geocache scavenger hunt, and will end at Double Dips Ice Creamery.
ages 10 & up

June 30

   10:30-12:00 Family Escape Challenge*
Show us your teamwork! Put your problem-solving skills to work as you try to help grandma claim her millions!
$12/parent & $7/child. Walk-ins welcome.
ages 8 & up

July 7

   10:30-12:00 Build Your Brain
Use your imagination and become a SUPER problem solver. Creative problem solving requires more than just knowledge and thinking. We will have fun, highly engaging activities for students to practice their problem solving skills.
grades K-2

July 14

   1:00-2:30 Welcome to the Think Tank
Many workbooks claim to teach critical thinking skills, but they are still just a workbook. We want to create an interactive environment where students learn to identify and evaluate evidence – like detectives or scientists. Learning and practicing critical thinking skills helps students learn to make good choices and leads to an increased chance of success.
grades 3-5

July 21

   10:30-12:00 Mega Math Ninjas
Life is hard! And it’s even harder for children who are just trying to figure things out. This workshop will help students begin to understand how the numbers all work together as a team, and how to use their ninja knowledge to solve problems. Optional: receive math puzzles in the mail, complete the puzzles and mail them back for points towards a prize.
grades 1-3
   1:00-2:30 Math for Minecrafters
The puzzles and high-interest real world word problems use items from the Overworld like diamond swords, suits of armor, zombies, and magical potions to encourage math practice in even the most reluctant Minecrafter!! Optional: receive math puzzles in the mail, complete the puzzles and mail them back for points towards a prize.
grades 4-6

July 28

   10:30-12:00 Becoming a Problem Solving Genius
This is MORE than a MATH workshop – it will bring problem solving off the worksheet page and into the world we live in and make it belong in that world as an exciting way to build critical thinking skills.
grades 1-3
   1:00-2:30 Smarty Pants Puzzlers
This class is going to teach strategies and methods for solving problems without “following the rules” – learning how to look at a math problem and coming up with a new way to solve it. Multiple styles of problem solving and memorization methods presented in a fun and clever way!
grades 4-6

August 4

   11:00-1:00 The Final Trial Mystery Challenge*
Do you have what it takes to become a secret agent in the fight against alien invasions? Take the Final Trial and find out!
Walk-ins welcome.
grades 2 & up


In preparation for the ACT test scheduled for June 12, 2021, ACT Cram Sessions will be held:
~June 2nd, 10:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.
~June 9th, 1:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.

In preparation for the ACT test scheduled for July 17, 2021, ACT Cram Sessions will be held:
~July 7th, 1:00p.m. – 3:00p.m.
~July 14th, 10:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.

image of a young girl detective


Go on a mysterious adventure without leaving home! This summer program is designed to help students with reading comprehension and writing skills while solving a mystery throughout the summer. Letters will be sent out weekly via snail mail to the students, with an enclosed stamped envelope for them to write their ideas and clues and return to me before their next letter arrives! The cost of this adventure is just $12 per month (to cover the cost of postage)!! This is not a workshop.


*In partnership with The Vault Escape Games of Nebraska.