About Cervelle

Brenda Petersen, founded a small tutoring company nearly a decade ago, focused on empowering students, helping them see their strengths, and challenging them to find a unique way to overcome their struggles. This company has grown into Cervelle Consulting Services, Inc., specializing in:

  • optimization of a person’s own capital strategies and creative planning;
  • strategic planning and facilitation;
  • organizational, academic, and strategic consulting;
  • performance measures and standards creation and design;
  • social engagement capabilities;
  • and executive team and individual performance coaching, training and development, teaching, and facilitation. 

Cervelle’s focus is on mental health and wellness, as well as academic success and the removal of academic anxiety. After a devastating accident in 2017, it became extraordinarily clear that Cervelle would ultimately encompass the overall empowerment of our clients to become their most dynamic selves.  

Offering individualized tutoring and curriculum development for pre-K through graduate level students, the Cervelle team of tutors holds various educational endorsements including special education and early childhood development. Cervelle also offers curriculum development and standardized test preparation, coping mechanism development for students struggling with education anxiety issues, and WHAM Whole Health Action Management classes to help students and adults develop resiliency skills.

As a mental health awareness advocate and suicide prevention and awareness specialist, Brenda is certified in the suicide prevention program QPR through the National Council for Behavioral Health, and endorsed via SAMHSA for whole health action and behavioral health education. As an instructor in Mental Health First Aid, Youth Mental Health First Aid, QPR Suicide Prevention and Awareness Training, and Psychological First Aid for disaster planning, she is also the primary instructor for mental health and suicide awareness for law enforcement and other public service officials in our area.

Brenda was awarded one of 10 commendations and scholarships from the National Council for Behavioral Health to attend the 2017 National Behavioral Health Conference. She is a member of the State of Nebraska Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska, the Juvenile Justice Cognitive Disability Task Force of Nebraska and the Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator for this area.

In educational/academic speaking, Brenda speaks to students about decisions concerning their education and the struggles that occur in each transition (middle school to high school, high school to college, and college to grad school or work force). Students learn to recognize their individual potential and learning style and develop the signature they can put into their work and make their mark in the world. 

Brenda’s credentials:

  • Nationally Certified in Mental Health Literacy and Advocacy
  • National Council for Behavioral Health Certified Instructor in Mental Health First Aid (adult, veteran, public service, rural, higher education, and older adult modules)
  • National Council Behavioral Health Certified Instructor in Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Suicide Prevention Educator and Specialist
  • Nationally Certified Instructor for the Suicide Prevention Program QPR
  • Nebraska Advocate for Suicide Prevention and Awareness 
  • Promoting Suicide Prevention Plans for Schools in South Central Nebraska
  • Contracted with 15 schools
  • Work with school districts and their partner programs to design and implement strategies to prevent suicide and promote positive behavioral health among their students. 
  • Suicide Prevention Plan Development for businesses and schools
  • Certified trainer for Psychological First Aid in Trauma
  • Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator/Emergency Management 
  • Juvenile Justice Cognitive Disability Task Force of Nebraska
  • State of Nebraska Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska