Professional Training

Strategic Planning – Strategic planning is a proactive way to help your organization, business or small group develop a plan to build and grow a project, or create a new environment that will ultimately lead to growth. My strategic planning methods use the acronyms SWOT the PESTs to emphasize the internal and external positive and negative things that all groups and projects need to consider as they build an effective plan for the future. Whether we are SWOT-ing and looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats regarding a project, or going more in depth and considering the political, economical, social and technological challenges and advantages being worked on, the ultimate goal is to be well informed and productive and develop a strategic plan to move forward as a team.

Team Building – A team is only as strong as the glue that binds them together. My team building opportunities allow team members to learn more about their own personality and thought patterned filters in an effort to better understand and accept others whose personalities and filters may be different than their own.  This is a fun and interactive way to get your team working together and learning about one another without being in an awkward and uncomfortable situation. The results of these projects have been described as eye opening and helpful in multiple settings, and teams often leave their training laughing and enjoying one another like never before. Cervelle prides itself on building positive relationships and helping others see their personality traits as strengths and not weaknesses.

The Vault – A secondary resource for team building. The escape room experience is part game, part theater, part team-building exercise and ALL fun. Get your team of 2+ people together, whether friends, family or co-workers, and work your way through the puzzles, codes and clues to successfully complete your mission. But hurry, because you only have one hour!