Academic Services

Tutoring – Cervelle offers one-on-one tutoring using individualized approaches that are tailored to each student’s personal learning style and development. We have licensed teachers who are endorsed in early elementary education, special education, reading, and advanced writing and math classes. Cervelle staff enjoys watching the floodgates open when a student makes the connection for understanding whatever they are currently struggling with and knowing that because of the student’s work with the tutor, the student’s own academic success will continue to grow.

ACT/SAT/PSAT – These standardized placement tests that are often the gateways that when open give students access to thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of academic scholarship and commendation. Cervelle’s own preparation and design will allow students to successfully maneuver the test with confidence using our personalized tips and tricks to beat the test.

ASVAB/ACCUPLACER – These tests are standardized tests used for specific placement requirements for students considering dual credit college classes while still in high school, or for those students wanting to join the military. Cervelle’s training for these tests will help the student maximize their abilities so that their true character and abilities are reflected in the test scores.

Academic Consulting – This is the basis for Cervelle. Academic Consulting involves working with students, and their families, to help them design the best path to achieve their goals. Whether this is choosing a high school class list, determining what dual credit classes taken in high school will be accepted by a university system, or deciding what extracurricular activities will be most enticing to colleges, to an array of other individual decisions – academic consulting is personalized to the student’s needs.

Elementary Enrichment – Enrichment activities hold a place near and dear to my heart. I believe to grow lifelong learners, students need to develop a love of learning in a fun and exciting environment. School is often a great place to learn and socialize, but with our enrichment activities students are able to delve deeper into key interest topics and develop a lifelong love of learning. Cervelle designs these programs for each individual student, always in such a way that students are learning without realizing it because they are having so much fun!!

Skill Building – Skill Building can cover anything, from learning how to study, to learning the most effective way to fill out a planner, to determining how best to prepare for a final exam. Cervelle’s unique skill building curriculum can also be used in discovering how to use personality traits as strengths and not weaknesses in developing how a student addresses the world. Skill building can also be for younger students as we determine how to have better time management, and development of well-rounded students with their activity choices.

Behavioral/Coping Skills – All of us have a hard time handling some of life’s hard times, and Cervelle’s program is an opportunity to have a person come alongside and help students and parents design and create effective problem-solving skills and learn the skills necessary to stop reacting and begin responding effectively to all types of situations.

IEP Consulting – With multiple licensed teachers on our staff with specific special education endorsements, our team is a great resource for parents as they build an Independent Education Plan (IEP) with their child’s school. We are there to help and support the student, parent and school systems to create an effective and manageable IEP for each student.

College Planning – College Planning involves working with students and their families to help them design the best path to achieve their goals. Whether this is choosing a high school class list, writing scholarship essays or determining what dual credit classes will be accepted by a university system, college planning is personalized to the student’s needs. Cervelle staff are trained and able to help walk students and their parents through the FAFSA process and can assist in scholarship applications as well.

Scholarship Application Assistance – Scholarship writing is often a time consuming and difficult process for juniors and seniors and their parents. Cervelle offers our uniquely designed method for writing scholarship essays and provides support for the application processes. This proven method has netted our previous clients tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Concierge Service – This service is a Cervelle specialty. Tutoring sessions are always productive, but often are only held one or two times per week. This can be daunting to students and parents who are having an extremely hard time in a particular class. The Concierge Service takes that panic away! Through this program students are able to take a photo of a math problem and text it to us, and we will work the problem out with each individual step shown using either our interactive whiteboard application, or by sending a photo back via text. This program also provides editing and proofreading for essays and school papers, as well as study guide development for most advanced history and science classes.

Skills to Combat Test Anxiety – Test anxiety is a real ailment, and one that needs to have specific focus from an early age. Parents tend to assume their students will naturally overcome the test anxiety they see surfacing in early elementary spelling and math tests, and for many students this is possible. However, many students struggle their entire academic careers. Homework and class assignment grades are very high and then when an exam is introduced the panic is so overwhelming and the student’s grade is jeopardized because they fall prey to test-based anxiety. Cervelle has designed a program to combat test anxiety and work individually with students of all ages to develop their own personalized coping skills when preparing to take a test. This program has proven a valuable addition to our ACT/SAT test prep as well as the ACCUPLACER and advanced placement tests, and is also extremely beneficial for young students who are learning and developing their own brand of coping skills.