Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

Cervelle Academic Consulting & Tutoring Services, Inc. is focused on empowering students, helping them see their strengths, and challenging them to use critical thinking skills and problem solving methods to overcome life’s challenges. We focus on academic success, personal empowerment and the removal of academic anxiety.

At Cervelle, we offer individualized tutoring, curriculum development, standardized test preparation, coping mechanism development for students struggling with education anxiety issues, and a variety of methods and classes to help students and adults develop resiliency skills.

Core Values

Cervelle Consulting Services, Inc. strives to:

  • optimize a student’s own problem solving strategies and critical thinking skills and creative planning methods
  • provide strategic planning and facilitation for students, parents, families and individuals
  • provide organizational, academic, and strategic consulting
  • measure performance, and standards
  • curriculum creation and design
  • build social engagement capabilities
  • help students recognize their individual potential and learning style